*Freelance collaboration with Pallavi Sen (Aug-Sep 2021)



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Primary identity

Identity Design

For the visual identity, the client’s requirements were simple and clean design. The main focus point of the identity was the title of the show itself, which was designed as the primary icon.

Secondary Symbol

In addition to this, a secondary symbol was designed to support the typographic visual and we concentrated on communicating ‘life extension’ as a core that would drive the iterations.


We further explored the 2D iterations in different views, and grid arrangements and expanded them in an isometric view that gave rise to varying results.

Website Design

For the requirements of the website to be simple and functional we chose to expand the visual style of the website extending on the life extension iterations and designed a clean and modern website design with a simplistic user flow and a logical navigation system.

Visual Style

In order to create a harmonic hierarchy of information within the website, there was created a visual style that consists of typography, colours, figures, buttons, and elements.





Highlights & Features

Splash Screen

The List of Episodes

A simplistic scroll-down list of the published episodes and call to action redirects the audience to the chosen Episode.

Launch Podcast Player

Fast navigation between episodes